Mark Griffith is a Licensed and Insured General Contractor & Home Inspector

The absolute priority in selecting your Home Inspector is actual construction experience and qualifications.

You should make sure that the inspector you chose is a certified general contractor. 

Having a Home Inspection license is a minimum qualification but only a State of Florida Licensed Contractor has been certified to actually build the properties being inspected. The General Contractors license is the broadest and most difficult license to obtain of all the building licenses available in the State of Florida.

Mark Griffith is a Licensed General Contractor and a Licensed Home Inspector in the State of Florida and Mark Griffith will personally perform the inspection and report the results of that inspection directly to you via this website.

Mark Griffith will perform your inspections at the following cost:


Wind Mitigation – $95
Four Point- $120
Single Family Home Inspection – $250 (call for quote)

Condominium Home Inspection – $200

Townhouse/Villa – $225

Mark Griffith has operated as a Citizens Certified Inspector that has performed many of these inspections for contractors hired by Citizens. I take the extra time to explain the inspection results which I believe must be facilitated by the Inspector for the benefit of both the policy holder/home owner as well as the Insurance agents that serve them.