Insurance Agents

Why Consider Mark Griffith to do Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections?


I have been working over the last two years in producing Wind Mitigation Inspections for Citizens as a certified inspector. Citizens paid $150 for these inspections. As you all know, that program has ended and you are now making relationships with insurance inspection providers that were previously getting their orders directly from Citizens. The quality and performance of these inspections are varied. You have been offered these inspections at very low prices as competition for business has increased. Inspectors that fail to charge the correct price will cause problems between the agent and client eventually. I submit that the more the fees are cut the more problematic the product becomes. The most beneficial situation for the agent is to secure the best professional inspection services they can afford within reason. When you hire Mark Griffith to do your inspections I will provide:

1. Inspections of highest quality of report and documentation available in the industry

2. I am a Licensed and Insured General Contractor

3. Inspections that begin precisely on time, every time

4. Inspections made available within 24 hours of appointment time

5. Easy credit card payment of orders available at the website

6. Easy access to reports for your clients

7. You will get a locally owned and operated Inspection company

8. Mark will personally be available to you when you call

9. The Policy Holder will be treated with utmost respect and be provided courteous consultation

10. It is my policy to support your business ethics in providing the policy holder excellent service


What are my fees for service?

Wind Mitigation – $100

Re Inspections – $75

Four Point – $100

Roof – $100

Discounts are available for combination orders, bulk orders, and repeat orders.