Home Sellers

What sense does it make that you offer your home for sale knowing that once it is under contract, the Buyer will hire an Inspector to evaluate the home just 30 days or so before you are supposed to close.

Just because that’s the way it’s always been done does not necessarily make it right. The reason that the inspection occurs after contract is because the Buyer pays for it. Yet many Sellers eventually lose more proceeds dealing with post-sale inspection results than if they just did as a process of preparing the home for the market.

Sellers need to control the Inspection they are certainly going to have to eventually deal with by doing their own inspection as a part of the preparation of placing their home on the market with a Certified Listing Inspection provided by Mark Griffith, Inspector.

With your “listing Inspection” in hand, you can address any issues discovered under the consultation of your Realtor, on your own time and terms. The alternative is to learn about issues after the contract is negotiated that many times requires that the contract be adjusted and/or cause repairs to be required before the closing. With a certified Listing Inspection, the Seller will be able to obtain better quality repair estimates with the added time available to do so.

The selling of your home is stressful enough. We think the Seller should take the Inspection hurdle by the horns in advance of the Listing hitting the market which adds value to your home and puts you in control of the post-sale buyer’s inspection that is inevitable.

Call Mark Griffith for a “Listing Inspection” consultation for you home before you put it on the market.