Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents work tirelessly at their craft and when a contract has been signed, one of the first orders of business is the Home Inspection. The Sellers agent has obtained a “Seller’s Disclosure” that attests what the Seller knows about the condition of the property before it is sold. This disclosure is considered when the Buyer offers to purchase the home. The Home Inspection can go a long way to validating the Sellers representation. The Home Inspection can also bring to light issues that the Seller was not aware of prior to the Inspection being performed. This can be remedied substantially with a pre-inspection prior to selling a home but that service is seldom used. Now the Inspection becomes a large part of an already complicated process. A great inspection gives peace of mind to all involved that the contract that has been agreed upon is validated.

The spirit in which the Home Inspection should be performed is that it is a completely unbiased accurate reflection of what the inspector records about the subject property. For example, property details such as:

Where is the water shut off valve
What size electrical service is there
How old are the air conditioning units

These details are recorded for the information of the new owner. In addition, issues not known to the Seller are many times brought to light in this inspection. It is at this juncture that the Home Inspector must bring a skill to the delivery of the inspection results the support that transaction and all the persons in it. Certainly the buyer and the buyer’s real estate agent know the least about the home and need the information the most. Yet the Sellers have a pride of ownership after many years of living in their home, and the Seller’s agent also require that what they have represented is validated by the inspection. A professional inspector is not only an expert in the field of home inspections but is also a professional in providing the inspection results in a manner that respects and supports all persons that are part of the process. This important function has not been handled with the care and the consistency that the situation demands.

Mark Griffith understands the process and takes particular pride in supporting the transaction and all the persons involved in it, while imparting the inspection results to all concerned.