Home Buyers

What Inspections Do I need?

The basic package consists of a Home Inspection and a Termite Inspection for the Home Buying process and a Wind Mitigation and four Point inspection for the Insurance shopping requirements.


What you get?

The basic package consists of four separate report documents, specifically designed for the required function it is used for. The Home Inspection report details what a general contractor / home inspector sees when they look at all the components they inspect. Any issues are called out and itemized along with projected costs to repair for the benefit of the agents involved as well as the principals to the contract. The Wood Destroying Organism Report (WDO) is an inspection provided with the Home Inspection that references termite intrusion and wood rot. The Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections are likely going to be required to obtain Home Owners Insurance on the property.


How long does the Inspection take?

The Home Inspection and Termite Inspection takes at least 2 hours for a smaller home and that time increases according to the size of the home.


When will the report be available?

A verbal consultation is provided on site with a full written report provided before midnight that same day.


What does it cost?

Home / Termite Inspections start at $250

Condo Inspections start at $200

Wind Mitigation and Four points are $100 each

Discounts are available for combining orders and repeat customers.


How do I order my Inspection?

Go to the Inspection request tab on the website or call Mark Griffith directly. Please keep in mind that when you call during Inspection hours, Mark is likely doing Inspections and would prefer that calls for Inspections are made after Inspection hours. Mark will make every effort to accommodate your Inspection request.


How do I pay for my Inspection?

Mark provides you with access to credit card payments on the website. Cash and checks are accepted at the Inspection. No Inspections will be released until payment has been verified.


How do I get a copy of my Inspection?

You will be advised that your inspection is ready and can be picked up on the website.